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Completely understands the idea of presents now

Cole loved opening all his presents and helping Mommy and Daddy open their presents too!

Repeats words for impact

We really have to watch what we say now, words with emphasis, such as “crap” are favourite words for Cole to repeat back to us with a Big Grin.

Lots of singing today

He will make up songs and will sing along with his favourite songs when he knows the words, he hums along when he doesn’t know the words.

Enjoys putting his Duplo blocks together in a tall stack

When asked “Where are you going?” He pointed in the direction he was heading and said “There”

Says 4 word sentences

“Cole Daddy downstairs soon”

Figured out how to turn the knob and open the door to the bathroom and bedrooms

Took his “Squeak E Mouse” potty

Sings to himself when he is going to sleep

Told us *Every Time* he had to go to the bathroom!

Pointed to a yellow object and said “Yellow”

Pretended to wash himself with part of his blanket when he was supposed to be going to sleep for his nap.

Jumps with both feet off the ground, if he’s holding onto something

Says 3 word sentences

“Daddy home car”  = “Daddy is driving home in his car.”

“Reads” books out loud to himself

He identifies objects on the pages of his picture books and tells stories about what he sees on the page.

Big “Nods” for “yes”

Skips when we say “Jump”

Climbed up onto Mommy & Daddy’s bed all by himself!

Saw a black cat on TV and said “’Ookie!” pointing at it.

His imagination is growing

Cole will eat imaginary food and tries to feed it to his toys and the cats

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