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Seems to be grabbing words out of the air

He is using words we haven’t said to him directly, such as Pen and Noise, and using them in proper context!

2 Years old today!

Said “poo” when he had to go potty

Signed “Potty” when he needed to go while being babysat by Kevin and Phuong

Says goodbye to everyone, cats and toys included

Plays “I love you” game

When Mommy says “I love you” to Cole, he says “Daddy?” and waits for “Daddy loves you” Cole then goes on to “Grandma?” and “Meow?” and “Baby?” making sure everyone still loves him.

Saying 2 word sentences

“My Book,” “Mommy’s book,” and “Daddy’s Book”

Catches the ball most time it is thrown to him

Showing sympathy

He helped his friend Ryan to wipe his tears after Ryan said goodbye to his mommy at daycare.

Moved out of his crib into a twin size bed

Thanks cousin Alex for passing on the “Big Boy Bed”

Uses ‘possessives’

He will point to the laptop and say “Daddy’sssss” and will identify which jacket belongs to whom, Daddy’sssss or Mommy’sssss. Often points to things and says “Cole’ssss?”

Climbed out of his highchair all by himself

Pays more attention to how a word is said than how the sign is done

I noticed this when reading him a book, he use to look at my hands to see how the word is signed but now he tilts his head to hear the sounds of the word more clearly. This is a definite shift to verbal communication.

Walks/Climbs up and down stairs using the railing

He doesn’t need to hold our hand anymore; but we still “spot” him just in case.

Will “sing” along with us when we sing nursery rhymes

He doesn’t know the words yet, but he tries.

Climbed onto his rocking horse and started to rock all by himself

Repeats words that we say

Climbed into his highchair and sat down by himself

Gave a Huge Grin when he saw Mommy pull up in the van to pick him up from Daycare

Saw a book he wanted and took another book off of it so that he could look at it.

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