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Cole is learning about last names

He told me about “Cole Stoney” and “Daddy Stoney”

First sleep over at a friends house

Got his own yogurt

He got a yogurt from the fridge, a spoon from the drawer, sat down at his little table, opened the yogurt perfectly, and started to feed himself.

Tells jokes now

“Knock Knock” “Who’s there?” “Fishy stuck on the wall hehehehehhe” Gotta love what a 3 yr old finds funny.  :)

Sleeping in his big boy bed without any railing!

Uses ‘Last Week’ to refer to a time in the past, yesterday, last week, or last month

3 Years old today!

Totally has the hang of his tricycle now

Can get it started and keep going in a straight line. He goes back and forth on the balcony all by himself!

Opened the fridge and got out his own juice box!

Figured out how the peddles on his tricycle work!

He still needs a bit of help getting started but then he can go about 4 feet on Cole Power!

Cole’s imagination is taking off

He has his toys ‘talk’ to each other now!

Tells us when he doesn’t like/want something “I Not like that”

Went further than the stairs in the Pool

Cole had fun bouncing up and down in the water on a pool noodle with Mommy right there to keep his head above water.

The “Why?” stage has started!!

Asks “What’s That?”

Asks “Doing?”

Lines things up to make a “train” of toys

First day at Puddle Splashers Daycare

He will have lots of new Friends to play with and Teachers to learn from.

Has fun ‘hopping’ down the stairs

Says “Mommy Look” & “Daddy Look” when he draws a picture or is being a Dare Devil

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