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Can jump over something on the floor with both feet off the ground at the same time

When Cole grows up he wants to be…

either a Fire Fighter, or “Diago Animal Rescuer”

First Day of Preschool

His preschool is very convenient, it is in the same building as his daycare. The daycare teachers walk him to and from the Preschool 3 days a week. We chose the afternoon classes so that Cole could skip the afternoon nap at daycare, he doesn’t need it anymore.

Ready for bed

Cole tucked himself in and started to read himself a story before going sleep. He still wants Mama or Daddy to read him one too.
Reading in bed

Climbed into the bathtub without using his stool, and we have a deep soaker tub!!

Getting really good riding his Scooter

He got the scooter from his friend Ryan for his birthday. He loves being able to go faster than I can walk. :)

4 Years old today!

Can hop on 1 foot

Says “I do” instead of “Me do”

Playing with the Girls

Cole spent a fun evening playing with the twins who live a few doors down, Priya and Preeti.

Sticks make the best toys Posing for a picture

Reads picture books to himself at bedtime

He knows the whole story even though he can’t read the words yet

Tells stories about objects around him

One day the trees went for a walk to the water, and they swam.
(how did they swim?) They have hands.
(why were they in the water?) To get away from the fire.

Describes in detail what he is drawing

What the lines in the picture mean can change if he turns the page upside down.

Can put together 24 piece puzzles

Climbs into the bathtub by himself

Can stay inside the lines when colouring if he concentrates

Knows Left from Right

Picked out his own clothes and dressed himself

Loves his puzzles

Cole can put a 12 piece puzzle together without any help

Finished first Kindergym class

He doesn’t look very happy in the pictures, but he had a blast at Kindergym.

Walking on the balance beamGetting his certificate

Many of the Milestone blog titles are descriptive enough to stand alone. In those cases there will be no additional details in the body of the post.