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Fun at the Movies!

After the ShowWe went to see “How to train your dragon” yesterday, it was a fun family film. Cole was enthralled by the idea of making friends with a dragon. I think he will be looking for dragons the next time we see a cliff or a few trees resembling a forest.

Imagine my surprise when I went into the theater, after buying coffee, to find the seat hubby and Cole had saved for me and saw my in-laws instead. They were taking in the show with their daughter, what are the odds? Hubby was able to surprise them on his way to get popcorn. Nothing like an arm coming from behind your seat to steal some popcorn in order to put a twist into the visit to the movies.

Cole and his cousin both look great dressed up for the movies. :)

Cabin Fever Solutions

Since Cole was home ‘sick’ this week we had to keep him entertained. This got harder as the week went on as we succumbed to cabin fever. Unfortunately for us Cole wasn’t really feeling sick; he just had a few spots up to 15 at a time, each day the oldest ones would fade and 1 or 2 new ones would appear. Since none of them ever turned into chickenpox type blisters we felt safe taking him out into the world as long as he wouldn’t have close contact with other kids.

sushi lunchmall trainOn Thursday I had a Career Transitions training class; so Daddy had the fun of entertaining Cole all day. Cole got to watch Daddy get a Chiropractor adjustment, had a sushi lunch at the mall, rode the mall train, and even got to visit his favourite store ever, Toys’R'Us! I wish my sick days were as much fun.

waiting for pancakesIn an effort to stay slightly sane today, Friday, I dragged Cole out on a walking tour of the local shopping mall. The tour started at IHOP for a pancake lunch. We then took the longest possible path to Walmart in order to look at, but not not buy, the toys and read a few books. Next stop was Coles Books to read more books, gotta love a kid that can spend an hour in Walmart and still spend 1/2 hour looking at books. After all that fun I took him grocery shopping. I’m not sure, but I think I may have worn him out a bit, he even asked to go right home and drooped a little in his carseat.

Home with Spots

Cole with spotsWe noticed a few small spots on Cole’s shoulder Friday and a few more showed up over the weekend. A friend of ours mentioned on Sunday that the spots looked like Chickenpox to her. Since none of the spots had developed into blisters and weren’t open sores, I wasn’t worried about him going to school. I did look up the BC rules for sending kids to school with Chickenpox just in case that is what he had, this is what I found:

Since Cole had been listening on Sunday, when his teacher asked about the spot on his neck, of course, he said he had Chicken Pox. He was immediately packed up and sent down to the office to wait for me to come pick him up.When I got there it was apparent that the school staff wasn’t sure that it was Chicken Pox, one teacher said it looked like spider bites, another said that it looked like an allergic reaction. However the end result was that I still had to take him home.

The doctor appointment was inconclusive as well. Our family doctor said she wouldn’t have pegged the spots as Chickenpox, but that they are viral in nature. Apparently the spots aren’t presenting as Chickenpox normally would but then since he is vaccinated he wouldn’t present the same. We were advised to keep him home an extra day to make sure there are no new spot. We are allowed to send him back to school 24 hrs after no new spots.

We are now on day 5 since the first spot appeared and those first spots are fading without forming blisters, but a couple of new spots have appeared. This means that Cole gets 1 more day at home with Mama ‘just to be sure’ and to keep the other parents at the school from worrying. I’m still not sure what it is that Cole has but hopefully it goes away soon!

For the first time Cole insists on wearing Jeans with buttons instead of sweat pants!

All it took was refresher training on which to do up first, the button or the zipper. Daddy says button and Cole agrees. :)

Rocking the PSP

Poetry in motion

Watching my 6yr old rock Spiderman Friend or Foe on the PSP .. a father couldnt be more proud …… *swoons*

When Cole grows up he wants to be….

A Boxing Nerf blaster guy because they have lots of Nerf guns that shoot out real lava.

First non-food eaten… that we know of

Had some excitement today. Cole swallowed swallowed a 1/2 inch chromed ball bearing from his Magnetix set. After calling the Heath Nurse we confirmed that swallowing a ball bearing isn’t a “Rush to the Hospital” thing unless he is having trouble breathing or can’t keep down water and food. So far so good.

On a side note, I discovered that if I really want to freak out Cole, I just have to suggest calling “911.” For some reason he thought that meant they might have to cut open his tummy or punch his tummy to get it out. We explained that “911″ was just a number to call if there is an emergency and we needed help.

I ended up calling “811″ the “not immediate emergency” number that links to a Public Health Nurse. The Health Nurse also told us not to induce vomiting as that could cause the ball bearing to come up from the stomach and go into his airway. This would have been helpful to know before we tried to get him to bring it up. *sigh*

Completed Red Cross “Level 2” Swimming Lessons

Swim Kids 2 – This level builds skills in front and
back swims. Children are introduced to deep water
activities and proper use of a personal flotation
device. Endurance is built on flutter kick and glides.

Detention Attention

Cole had his first detention yesterday. He didn’t complete his desk work during class time so he had to stay after school to finish. I went to his class at about 3:10 pm to pick him up. He was just finishing off his work when I arrived. I had a talk with his teacher about how things were going and helped him clean the garbage (pencil shavings, broken erasers, etc) out of his desk. This all seemed like a logical consequence to me.

I found out from his teacher today that some of his classmates have been asking if they can stay after school too. Apparently Cole really liked having the extra attention from his teacher and having me giving him attention after class. He was telling all his friends about it and making it sound so good that they all wanted to have a chance to get that ‘treat’ too.

Not quite the result that we were expecting. Today when he didn’t finish his desk work in the morning his teacher had him stay in at lunch. From 12:00-12:15 he did desk work, then from 12:15-12:30 he ate lunch. His teacher said that she had never seen him so focused, he finished his desk work faster than normal and ate all his lunch in record time so that he could get outside and play with his friends. We all agree that lunch time detention was less of a treat for him.  :)

Started Reading BOB Books Set 4 – Complex Words

Cole has had a lot of fun reading the BOB books. He chooses them first for reading to his class during Show and Tell. With all his practice reading the BOB Books at home and the Sunshine books from his classroom, it is time for him to move on to the next challenge.

In Bob Books Set 4, advancing readers still love being able to say, “I read the whole book!” ® The easy start in Ten Men builds confidence.

Longer stories and complex words gradually develop skills. Sounds repetition within words makes decoding easy.

4 books of 16 pages each plus 4 books of 24 pages each.
New blends, more sight words, and longer compound words.

Many of the Milestone blog titles are descriptive enough to stand alone. In those cases there will be no additional details in the body of the post.