The Birth Story of
Cole Olaf Stoney – son of Dean and Linnette Stoney

You decided to come early and surprise us all!  On the evening of Tuesday August 26, 2003 your mom felt that something had changed and that you would come soon.  Something had indeed changed …but your mom and dad didn’t expect you to come this soon!  Your due date was September 3, but at 2 a.m. on Wednesday morning August 27, your mom’s water broke.  She got up to go the bathroom ~ and that’s when it all started.

Your mom’s contractions began at around 2:30 a.m. and were roughly 8 minutes apart.  Your dad was sleeping and your mom left him alone.  She tried to sleep, but that didn’t work!    She walked around a bit, got a bit of yogurt to eat and decided to take a shower to relax through the contractions.  After a little while she started to realize that these contractions were getting more intense and not as easy to breathe through.  She got out of the tub and woke up your dad at around 4:30 a.m.  Then things really picked up!  By this time your mom’s contractions were about every 3-5 minutes and lasting roughly 1 minute.  Dad called the midwife  ~ June ~ at around 5:05 a.m., and then their doula ~ Nicole ~ at 5:07 a.m.! Both were coming to help your mom and dad during labour and birth.

Nicole arrived at the house at around 5:50 a.m. to find your mom in active labour.  She observed a few contractions and saw how intense they were getting.  Your mom looked quite shocked actually at the speed and intensity of labour.  After all, they were expecting the first part of labour to last hours ~ just like the books say!  But this was not to be the case.

During the time between Nicole’s and June’s arrival, your mom got nauseated and started to feel ‘pushy’.  This was normal for transition and your mom was encouraged to keep breathing nice and easy through the contractions and not to push!  During a few contractions your mom needed to blow through the peak so as not to push.  She did awesome!  She spent these contractions either on her hands and knees or on the toilet.  She kept asking your dad to call June ~ where was she?  At  one point she told your dad that she was not going to move to the hospital that they might as well have you at home.  Good decision!

June arrived at 6:20, and after dropping her stuff and grabbing a pair of sterile gloves, she checked your mom to find that there was just a little lip of cervix left.  Your mom was almost completely dilated ~ 10 cms!  Wow!  What a rush.  What was expected to be long hours of labour was rapidly turning into not enough time to cope!  But your mom was doing terrifically.

Cole, your mom is incredibly strong and amazing to watch.  She dealt with these contractions like a pro.  She breathed through them and kept her concentration.  She never lost control and she could always smile in between contractions if needed!  Your mom was doing fabulous – drawing strength from those of us around her who encouraged her verbally.  Your mom preferred not to be touched during the contractions, preferring instead to grasp something like a pillow and do it alone.  Wow!

Once your dad and June had set things up in the living room …there was a lot to set up …your mom moved to the living room and leaned over the couch, kneeling on the floor.  Your dad was a tremendous help to June.  He got her whatever she needed.  Which meant going up and down two different sets of stairs quite often!  He got her towels, blankets, wash cloths, plastic to protect the floor and couch, bowls,  ~ and even threw a few towels and blanket in the dryer to warm up for after your birth!  He never complained and did everything with eagerness.  After all, you were coming and there was nothing stopping you!  Your mom and dad were so excited to meet you!

During this time, your mom did awesome.  Your dad and Nicole were on either side of her giving her sips of water or soy beverage, encouraging her through the contractions, encouraging her to take big deep breaths for you, helping her achieve what she needed to achieve to birth you.  She dozed off in between contractions and then when one came she dealt with it so well.  It was beautiful to watch ~ beautiful to be a part of.

Finally June gave your mom the go ahead to start pushing.  The time was approximately 6:45 a.m. ~ just over four hours after contractions began!  And what a hard job it is to push a baby out!  It takes effort, and concentration and lots of energy.  We kept offering soy beverage and /or water to your mom.  With each contraction she would push you down 3 or 4 times.  Towards the latter half of the pushing stage, your mom really gave it all she had!  She would push down twice, and then on the third and fourth time, she really pushed!  Real progress was being made as she gently pushed you down the birth canal.  And she did it all listening so well to what her body was telling her.   She had such powerful pushes ~ we could feel it coming from her.  Your mom did amazingly well again ~ so strong and so empowered to birth you completely naturally.

Sometime during the pushing stage, the second midwife ~ Grace ~ arrived to assist June.  Between the two of them they listened to your heartbeat every 5 minutes or so and charted the information and got out all the stuff midwives need for a homebirth.  She also verbally encouraged your mom as she pushed.

Soon we had lots of excitement as your head started to show and slowly but surely your head came out ~ and what did we see first?  A head full of black hair!  As soon as your head was out ~ you let out a loud cry to let us all know that you were here and you were doing great!  June got your dad to come around and guess who caught you as your mom pushed you out?  Your dad!  He caught you as you slithered out ~ he did it so well, like a pro!  The cord was wrapped around your neck once, so they made you do a somersault of sorts, unlooped the cord and then passed you to your mom’s waiting arms.  You were born at 7:54 a.m. on Wednesday August 27, 2003 ~ on a sunny summer morning.

The midwives helped your mom get up on the couch.  She lay down and you got to snuggle with your mom and meet her for the first time.  It was so beautiful and so miraculous – you were born at home with no interventions and your mom and dad were thrilled!  After that you got to nurse at your moms breasts ~ and once you were latched properly you were satisfied to be there ~ content and happy.  And any time one of us moved the blanket to get a closer look at handsome you, you let us know you didn’t want to be bothered!  Your mom got to nurse you and bond with you for a good hour before June decided to clean everything up, check you out, weigh you, and repair your moms small tear.

You were 20 inches in length and weighed  7 pounds 8 ounces.  When June finally did check you out – you checked out fine!  But you sure didn’t like the physical exam.  You screamed blue murder ~ until your mom touched your cheek with the back of her hand – and you quieted right down. Now that was amazing.  You knew your moms touch already!  And you definitely knew her voice, and your dad’s voice too!  While  June dealt with your mom cleaning up and everything, you got to bond with your dad – skin to skin and sucking on his pinky!  According to your dad you had a powerful suck!  Your mom was quick to agree.

When we were ready to leave, your mom was cleaned up, feeling a bit more comfortable and happily nursing you on the couch.  You, your mom and your dad made a beautiful family … congratulations mom and dad and welcome to the world Cole!