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First non-food eaten… that we know of

Had some excitement today. Cole swallowed swallowed a 1/2 inch chromed ball bearing from his Magnetix set. After calling the Heath Nurse we confirmed that swallowing a ball bearing isn’t a “Rush to the Hospital” thing unless he is having trouble breathing or can’t keep down water and food. So far so good.

On a side note, I discovered that if I really want to freak out Cole, I just have to suggest calling “911.” For some reason he thought that meant they might have to cut open his tummy or punch his tummy to get it out. We explained that “911″ was just a number to call if there is an emergency and we needed help.

I ended up calling “811″ the “not immediate emergency” number that links to a Public Health Nurse. The Health Nurse also told us not to induce vomiting as that could cause the ball bearing to come up from the stomach and go into his airway. This would have been helpful to know before we tried to get him to bring it up. *sigh*

Completed Red Cross “Level 2” Swimming Lessons

Swim Kids 2 – This level builds skills in front and
back swims. Children are introduced to deep water
activities and proper use of a personal flotation
device. Endurance is built on flutter kick and glides.

Detention Attention

Cole had his first detention yesterday. He didn’t complete his desk work during class time so he had to stay after school to finish. I went to his class at about 3:10 pm to pick him up. He was just finishing off his work when I arrived. I had a talk with his teacher about how things were going and helped him clean the garbage (pencil shavings, broken erasers, etc) out of his desk. This all seemed like a logical consequence to me.

I found out from his teacher today that some of his classmates have been asking if they can stay after school too. Apparently Cole really liked having the extra attention from his teacher and having me giving him attention after class. He was telling all his friends about it and making it sound so good that they all wanted to have a chance to get that ‘treat’ too.

Not quite the result that we were expecting. Today when he didn’t finish his desk work in the morning his teacher had him stay in at lunch. From 12:00-12:15 he did desk work, then from 12:15-12:30 he ate lunch. His teacher said that she had never seen him so focused, he finished his desk work faster than normal and ate all his lunch in record time so that he could get outside and play with his friends. We all agree that lunch time detention was less of a treat for him.  :)

Started Reading BOB Books Set 4 – Complex Words

Cole has had a lot of fun reading the BOB books. He chooses them first for reading to his class during Show and Tell. With all his practice reading the BOB Books at home and the Sunshine books from his classroom, it is time for him to move on to the next challenge.

In Bob Books Set 4, advancing readers still love being able to say, “I read the whole book!” ® The easy start in Ten Men builds confidence.

Longer stories and complex words gradually develop skills. Sounds repetition within words makes decoding easy.

4 books of 16 pages each plus 4 books of 24 pages each.
New blends, more sight words, and longer compound words.

Another New Word

Cole dropped the F-Bomb today. He didn’t actually know it was a swear word, up until today he had always insisted that “the real ‘F’ word is ‘shut up’.“   We hadn’t done a lot to discourage that belief.  :D

Received 3rd stripe on his belt in Karate

2nd bottom tooth fell out

It came out on the way up to bed as he wiggled it gently. There was no pain and no bleeding, he was thrilled. He is now missing all 4 front teeth, is fun to watch him eat. :)

Completed Red Cross “Level 1” Swimming Lessons

SwimKids 1 Advanced:    This level builds on a child’s previous swim introduction to floats and glides with kick. Children build their endurance by improving distance.

1st Bottom tooth fell out

Dean ‘helped’ pull it out. It’s the 1st tooth that hasn’t been yanked out early by a dentist! YAY!

Started reading BOB Books Set 3 “Word Families”

Cole has done really well learning to read phonetically with BOB Books Sets 1 and 2. Now it’s time for more reading practice and new consonant blends with Set 3.  :)

Bob Books Set 3 adds something new for young readers. Consonant blends introduce youngsters to the next level of reading. Consistent vowel sounds mean skill building continues at a comfortable pace.

10 books. 16 pages each. 8 stories plus 2 activity books.
Short vowels continue, adding blends and compound words.

Received “Effort” badge in Karate

Started Grade One

He is so excited to go be going to school and learn new things.  He is also looking forward to playing with his friends. :)

6 Years old today!

First broken bone

Waiting at the hospitalCole was playing in the playground outside his karate class. This is what we normally do after class on nice days, he loves to climb all over the equipment and go down the slides. He was sharing a spinning wheel (has replaced monkey bars in many playgrounds) with a friend and falls. This has happened before, but this time he landed on his arm instead of his feet. He complained that it hurt but there were no lumps or bumps and he could wiggle his fingers so I just took him home, gave him some advil and let him watch some TV. I figured it was a sprain or strain and would get better on it’s own.

When Hubby got home he took one look at Cole’s arm and noticed how swollen the elbow was. It was decided to take him in and get that elbow x-rayed.

First castAfter a few hours in the hospital it was determined that the humerus was fractured near his elbow and he would need a cast. The doctor on call in emergency was pretty confident that we would only need to leave it on for 2 weeks. Cole was pretty freaked, he had NO idea what a cast was, but he knew he didn’t want one! Once he saw what it was and noticed that it didn’t hurt as much now that he didn’t have to hold his arm up with his other hand he was a bit happier. Cole declared this his Worst Birthday Ever! We kinda agree, at least he had his pool party before he broke his arm

First time on the Ferry without Daddy

Mama and Cole did a day trip to Nanaimo for Great-Granny Bain’s 91st birthday party.

First time camping without Mama

camping rainDean & Cole went camping at Harrison Hot Springs with Catherine and Ryan Adam. Mama was happy to miss out on the rainy camping trip.

First time tubing behind a motor boat

Cole got to go tubing with his camping friends at the Fintry camp ground.

Completed Red Cross “Salamander” Swimming Lessons


Salamander 3-5 yrs
Children actively learn new swimming skills including floats and glides through games and songs. The fun includes learning to jump into chest-deep water.

Completed Level Three: Pedalheads bike safety/riding course

Level Three: Pedalheads™
These little riders constantly amaze! They have mastered the basics of cycling by starting, turning and stopping on their own — Pedalheads™ seem to tear around like experts.

In this level we concentrate on all of the safety requirements a competent cyclist needs to know. Further developing our balance, we ride with one hand so we can display hand signals. We work on control by riding in a straight line, even when executing a hand signal or shoulder-check. We talk at length about street safety, including signs, hazards and rules of the road without ever actually riding on the road.

Received 1st stripe on his belt in Karate

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