May 2004 All Done: We have discovered that banging his open hand up and down means he is “All Done” with an activity. He will also do this when we are in the middle of changing a diaper or the start of a nap.
August 29, 2004 More: His version is to point 1 finger at his open palm, very cute.
September 6, 2004 Milk: opens and closes both hands to indicate he wants his bottle
September 25, 2004 Bath: pats his chest with both hands or rubs 1 hand up and down his chest open handed
September 28, 2004 Sleep: brings both hands together then up to his chin and sometimes beside his cheek, similar to praying position. Sometimes will put one hand on each side of his head and tilt his head to the side.
October 2004 Potty: Pats his tummy, his legs, or his chest – we generally respond to any patting
October 2004 Bye: 1 hand opening in the direction of the person he is saying Bye to.
November 9, 2004 Cat: 1 finger pointing to cheek instead of finger and thumb pulling out to whiskers.
November 13, 2004 Please: when prompted or when he really, really wants something
December 2004 Food: several fingers put to his mouth saying “Umm”
December 2004 Water: 1 finger pointing to his mouth. This is usually followed by pointing at his sippy cup, or our cup whichever looks better at the time
January 4, 2005 No: Shakes his head when we say “no” or he means “no”
January 14, 2005 Phone: fist against the side of his head like he is holding a phone handset
January 17, 2005 Daddy: one finger pointing to the top of his head, this sometimes means Mommy too, depends on who he is signing to.
January 17, 2005 Mommy: one finger pointing to the side of his chin
January 21, 2005 Hat: 1 or both hands on top of head
January 24, 2005 Shoes: tapping 2 fists together
February 2, 2005 Change: 2 fists moving over each other
February 2, 2005 Soother: fist tapping mouth
February 18, 2004 Apple: “A” sign twisting on his cheek
March 2005 Ball Finger tips of both hands together, very close to the real sign!
March 2005 Waves Bye Bye
March 2005 Baby: arms crossed low on his chest twisting back on forth
April 2005 Bear: Hands shaped like claws, arms in hug position near his neck.
April 2005 Hurts: Index fingers pointing to each other
April 2005 Cold: Hands as fists, arms up close to the body shaking a little
May 2005 Cheese: 1 hand held still while the other “presses cheese”
May 2005 Jacket: hands go from shoulders to front of chest, like pulling closed a jacket. Cole usually just starts with his fists together under his chin
May 2005 Cookie: Cole makes the cookie shape with one hand on the palm of the other hand. This is very close to the real sign except he doesn’t twist his hand for the 2nd side of the cookie
May 2005 Bread: 1 hand still while the other “slices” the bread
May 2005 Poo: finger coming out of the opposite fist. This is very close to the real sign where the thumb comes out of the opposite fist. He usually says “poo” at the same time
May 2005 Girl: his fist going down the side of his face like the strap of a bonnet
May 2005 Meat: 1 hand closing on the other open hand which is palm down
June 2005 Hot: hand in loose fist moving away from his mouth
June 2005 Boy: loose fist at the top of his forehead, sometimes pulling a lock of hair
July 2005 Airplane: hand arching upwards into the sky, tries to make the plane shape
August 2005 Sorry: a loose fist across his chest
September 2005 Crying: 1 finger going down the face from his eye