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Final Eye Therapy Session

Cole is finally finished his Eye Tracking Therapy. He started in January of this year, the program could have taken as little as 10 weeks but we went slower to make sure that Cole had a good handle on all of the exercises and was confident before we moved to the next challenge.We did take a break in August for camping and his birthday and then again in September because of our family crisis, but we made it through and I couldn’t be prouder of all the progress I can see in Cole now!!

The final assessment showed amazing progress. During the initial exam and assessment he struggled to complete the tracking exercises and had real problems with copying a paragraph and writing from dictation. He was able to finish all the tracking exercises in 1/2 of his initial time and with only 1 or 2 mistakes instead of many. His written work was amazingly better, he completed both the paragraph copy and the dictation which he hadn’t been able to do the first time, and he did it with only 1 or 2 mistakes. I am so pleased!

The eye/hand coordination assessment which went over all the exercises we had done with him for his therapy showed great improvement as well. He now knows how to center himself on a line or to line up with a mark on the floor so that a ball with hit that mark using left or right hand. He needed so much coaching to do that at the beginning. He can slow down and focus on what he is doing and now his brain is trained to know where the objects are in space so he can consistently hit the swinging ball with his hand/wrist/fist/head, he can balance with no troubles on the wobble board and bounce a ball with either hand and always hit the mark on the floor.

Not only has his reading and writing been improved by this therapy but so has his play. This whole process has made a huge difference in his self confidence and his enjoyment of school.

Eye Therapy Assessment

Cole had his first Eye Therapy Assessment today to see what our base line is for correcting his Tracking Issues. His eye exam on January 15th showed that he does indeed have a tracking problem which is contributing to his difficulties in reading and writing. Much thanks to Cole’s principle for remember that his hockey buddy does this kind of Eye Therapy and has had good success with other children.

Watching Denise go through the booklet of tracking and writing exercises was painful for me, I could see how hard Cole was struggling to finish. He really wanted to do well and he just couldn’t follow the numbers across the line when there was nothing to join them, especially if there was a jagged left line, he would often miss the starting numbers and begin in the middle of the line, or start a line over again instead of going on to the next line. When he had to copy a paragraph he would start a new line from the paragraph each time he ran out of space copying a line, thus missing the last 1/2 of each line. Writing the dictation was even more painful, he could barely retain what was said and it seemed that as he got more self conscious he had a harder time remembering his phonics and getting the information down.

He had a lot of fun trying the various hand/eye exercises with the hanging tennis ball, the badminton racket, the basket ball, and even a wobble board. I can already see that this will be a challenge. Denise says that this is a 10 week program, but that we may take longer if we want and can make sure that Cole is confident with each set of exercises before we move on.

First Book Report

Cole worked so hard on this book report. He read the book and then carefully planned the pictures and what words he was going to write for each section. Mama did have to help a bit with drawing the house, but Cole did all the printing and colouring himself. He was a great supervisor.

Cabin Fever Solutions

Since Cole was home ‘sick’ this week we had to keep him entertained. This got harder as the week went on as we succumbed to cabin fever. Unfortunately for us Cole wasn’t really feeling sick; he just had a few spots up to 15 at a time, each day the oldest ones would fade and 1 or 2 new ones would appear. Since none of them ever turned into chickenpox type blisters we felt safe taking him out into the world as long as he wouldn’t have close contact with other kids.

sushi lunchmall trainOn Thursday I had a Career Transitions training class; so Daddy had the fun of entertaining Cole all day. Cole got to watch Daddy get a Chiropractor adjustment, had a sushi lunch at the mall, rode the mall train, and even got to visit his favourite store ever, Toys’R'Us! I wish my sick days were as much fun.

waiting for pancakesIn an effort to stay slightly sane today, Friday, I dragged Cole out on a walking tour of the local shopping mall. The tour started at IHOP for a pancake lunch. We then took the longest possible path to Walmart in order to look at, but not not buy, the toys and read a few books. Next stop was Coles Books to read more books, gotta love a kid that can spend an hour in Walmart and still spend 1/2 hour looking at books. After all that fun I took him grocery shopping. I’m not sure, but I think I may have worn him out a bit, he even asked to go right home and drooped a little in his carseat.

Started Reading BOB Books Set 4 – Complex Words

Cole has had a lot of fun reading the BOB books. He chooses them first for reading to his class during Show and Tell. With all his practice reading the BOB Books at home and the Sunshine books from his classroom, it is time for him to move on to the next challenge.

In Bob Books Set 4, advancing readers still love being able to say, “I read the whole book!” ® The easy start in Ten Men builds confidence.

Longer stories and complex words gradually develop skills. Sounds repetition within words makes decoding easy.

4 books of 16 pages each plus 4 books of 24 pages each.
New blends, more sight words, and longer compound words.

Started reading BOB Books Set 3 “Word Families”

Cole has done really well learning to read phonetically with BOB Books Sets 1 and 2. Now it’s time for more reading practice and new consonant blends with Set 3.  :)

Bob Books Set 3 adds something new for young readers. Consonant blends introduce youngsters to the next level of reading. Consistent vowel sounds mean skill building continues at a comfortable pace.

10 books. 16 pages each. 8 stories plus 2 activity books.
Short vowels continue, adding blends and compound words.

Started reading BOB Books Set 1 “For Beginning Readers”

BOB Books set 1

Bob Books Set 1 captures the hearts of kids just starting to read. They are fun and build confidence right away.

Using only the letters M, A, T and S, kids can read their first book. New letters are added gradually, until zip, zap, zam, by book 12, kids have read books with all letters of the alphabet (except Q).

Kids love the stories and funny pictures, and can’t wait to read them to everybody they know.

12 books. 12 pages each. 3-letter words. Consistent sounds. All letters (except Q) introduced gradually in this set.

Started to read a few Sight Words in his books

Ready for bed

Cole tucked himself in and started to read himself a story before going sleep. He still wants Mama or Daddy to read him one too.
Reading in bed

Reads picture books to himself at bedtime

He knows the whole story even though he can’t read the words yet

“Reads” books out loud to himself

He identifies objects on the pages of his picture books and tells stories about what he sees on the page.

Brings Mommy & Daddy a book to be read to him

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