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Made me proud :)

I overheard a conversation Cole had with a friend today during his playdate which made me very proud.

Friend: Wouldn’t it be great if there was never any school again?
Cole: No! Because then we wouldn’t know anything, even as parents we wouldn’t know anything!

Such a wonderful change from grade 1 when he really didn’t want to go to school at all. Amazing what a difference getting the right glasses and Eye Tracking Therapy can do!

Go Canucks Go!

Cole and his teacher show Team Spirit the day for Game 4 of Round 2, Canucks vs Predators. All that fan excitement paid off, Canucks won 4 – 2!!!

First Book Report

Cole worked so hard on this book report. He read the book and then carefully planned the pictures and what words he was going to write for each section. Mama did have to help a bit with drawing the house, but Cole did all the printing and colouring himself. He was a great supervisor.

Detention Attention

Cole had his first detention yesterday. He didn’t complete his desk work during class time so he had to stay after school to finish. I went to his class at about 3:10 pm to pick him up. He was just finishing off his work when I arrived. I had a talk with his teacher about how things were going and helped him clean the garbage (pencil shavings, broken erasers, etc) out of his desk. This all seemed like a logical consequence to me.

I found out from his teacher today that some of his classmates have been asking if they can stay after school too. Apparently Cole really liked having the extra attention from his teacher and having me giving him attention after class. He was telling all his friends about it and making it sound so good that they all wanted to have a chance to get that ‘treat’ too.

Not quite the result that we were expecting. Today when he didn’t finish his desk work in the morning his teacher had him stay in at lunch. From 12:00-12:15 he did desk work, then from 12:15-12:30 he ate lunch. His teacher said that she had never seen him so focused, he finished his desk work faster than normal and ate all his lunch in record time so that he could get outside and play with his friends. We all agree that lunch time detention was less of a treat for him.  :)

Started Grade One

He is so excited to go be going to school and learn new things.  He is also looking forward to playing with his friends. :)

Started Kindergarten today

First Day of Preschool

His preschool is very convenient, it is in the same building as his daycare. The daycare teachers walk him to and from the Preschool 3 days a week. We chose the afternoon classes so that Cole could skip the afternoon nap at daycare, he doesn’t need it anymore.

First day at Puddle Splashers Daycare

He will have lots of new Friends to play with and Teachers to learn from.

Showing sympathy

He helped his friend Ryan to wipe his tears after Ryan said goodbye to his mommy at daycare.

Gave a Huge Grin when he saw Mommy pull up in the van to pick him up from Daycare

In training pants at Daycare, dry all day!

Signed “bird” to tell Wendy about the birds he saw on the way to daycare

Drew circles at daycare

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