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Family Fun

We had an great weekend! The weather was finally warm and we could go out and play. Cole had fun touring the neighborhood on his bike. As long as he keeps his walkie talkie on and stays off the main roads he can have some freedom. He gets to tour as far as his school and friends houses on one side of our “square” all the way to another friends house one block over from ours. This allows us to do what our parents did, tell him to ‘go outside and play’ and then not worry too much about it. :)

Saturday Uncle Shea and Cousin Meighan came over to watch the Canucks win 3 – 2 against the Bruins with Cole and Daddy. Mom took off to watch a movie with Aunt Sharon. A good time was had by all.


Sunday was another sunny warm day so we had a picnic lunch with Aunt Sharon and Cousin Meighan while the men took Grandma out to lunch for her birthday. Mama and Cole were very active, they played soccer, catch, and even walked along the big broken concrete chunks beside the path. Some of them even wiggled when we stepped on them, much more fun then walking on the path! After the picnic Cole and Meighan jumped into the complex pool to cool off. I think they cooled off too much, I had to throw Cole into a hot bath to thaw him out, the wind wasn’t kind to wet skin!

We are looking forward to more warm weekends now that Spring seems to have finally arrived.

Completed Red Cross “Level 2” Swimming Lessons

Swim Kids 2 – This level builds skills in front and
back swims. Children are introduced to deep water
activities and proper use of a personal flotation
device. Endurance is built on flutter kick and glides.

Completed Red Cross “Level 1” Swimming Lessons

SwimKids 1 Advanced:    This level builds on a child’s previous swim introduction to floats and glides with kick. Children build their endurance by improving distance.

Completed Red Cross “Salamander” Swimming Lessons


Salamander 3-5 yrs
Children actively learn new swimming skills including floats and glides through games and songs. The fun includes learning to jump into chest-deep water.

Completed Red Cross “Sea Turtle” Swimming Lessons

Sea Turtle

Sea Turtle (Advanced) 3-5 yrs
Children build confidence while enjoying the water
through active water play and are introduced to
floating, gliding, bubbles and swimming skills.

Went further than the stairs in the Pool

Cole had fun bouncing up and down in the water on a pool noodle with Mommy right there to keep his head above water.

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