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Lost an upper Lateral Incisor

I’m sooo glad that his upper and lower central incisors came in before he started loosing the lateral incisors or the poor kid would really have had trouble biting!

Lost a lower Lateral Incisor

Good thing we told the Tooth Fairy that we would be at Grandma’s for Thanksgiving!

Finally has both Front Teeth!!

2nd bottom tooth fell out

It came out on the way up to bed as he wiggled it gently. There was no pain and no bleeding, he was thrilled. He is now missing all 4 front teeth, is fun to watch him eat. :)

1st Bottom tooth fell out

Dean ‘helped’ pull it out. It’s the 1st tooth that hasn’t been yanked out early by a dentist! YAY!

Bottom front teeth are starting to wiggle

1st (upper front left) tooth lost

This was helped along by a bonk to the daycare floor back in November. Cole and a friend were playing, ran towards each other and bounced off each other. Cole landed hard on the floor face first, his tooth was very wiggly but the dentist said that if it firmed up he would probably keep it.

When it got wiggly again we took him back to the dentist to see what was going on. It turns out there was no root left and it would have to be extracted. He did great, no crying at all just sat back and watched cartoons while the dentist removed the tooth.

We were told that the other front tooth would have to be extracted as well to keep symmetry but decided to do that after our vacation.

2nd top tooth arrived

1st top Tooth arrived (upper left)

2nd tooth arrived (lower right)

First Tooth (lower left and it stayed!!!)

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